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Text Box: Text Box: This statement with the acronym of  the word “bread” is a summary of who we are as a church and what we believe God has called us to be.
“Bringing people to Jesus” lends the idea of telling this community the good news about Jesus.  He died for our sins and was raised by God to be a living Savior.
“Reaching out  in love” brings us to   explore the many ministries that occur throughout the week.  Whether Bible education, youth groups, Senior activities, etc., each ministry is dedicated to fulfill God’s mission for the church.

Text Box: Our Mission:
Text Box: “Exalting God” has to do with our worship of the living God.  Every Sunday morning as we gather for corporate worship each service is uniquely designed to involve every participant in uplifting worship, 
fellowship and interaction with God’s Word, the Bible.
“Assembling with His family” is the fellowship that we enjoy as a church family.  Whether in the various services, or through social activities, events or other ministries,  we purpose to work on unity, sharing and friendship.
“Discipling His people”  wraps up the  purposes of why the Folcroft Union Church exists.  We desire to encourage growth and accountability in our spiritual development.  Therefore, discipleship groups are an intricate part of this      ministry.

Text Box: Schedule of Services
“Sunday Morning Kids’ Club”
& Adult Sunday School  
9:30 AM
Worship Service
10:45 AM
Discipleship Groups
Various times
*during the summer the Worship Service is at 
10:00 AM with no Sunday School or Bible Study

AWANA Girls & Brigade Boys
 (K-6 grade) 
Wed. 7:00 PM
Jr. & Sr. High Youth Groups
Mon. 7:00 PM
Senior Citizens
3rd Wed. of the month 11:30AM

*note:  many programs do not operate during the summer months; call office for details.

In addition, we offer:
Discipleship/Small Groups for various ages, topics and interests; Vacation 
Bible School; Missions Trips; Youth 
Retreats; Church Family Fellowship Functions; Special Children's Programs; Food Closet and Benevolence;  Individual and Family Counseling.